Sunday, January 25, 2009


This week will be a challenge as we have appointments 3 days this week. Food will be very easy and just the basics. We also ate out this weekend as we were out all day and starving so it puts a kink in my plans for this week. Not sure if i will be able to keep under the $125 this week.

Menu planning:
S- grilled cheese, yellow wax beans, tomato soup
B-frenchtoast bake
S-chicken casserole
B-oatmeal blueberry bake and freied pototes
S-chili and homemade bread
S-perogi, baked beans, yellow waxes beans
S-barbeque chicken, baked pototoes, green beans

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fresh Fruit

Picture of tasty produce from Sam's Club, we have already eaten several grapefruits! we spent $51 today, and I will finish my shopping at Walmart tomorrow.

Here is the menu planning for this week:

Monday: B-french toast bake S-BBQchicken, baked potatoes, and salad

Tuesday: B-corn meal mush S-ham/bean soup and homemade bread

Wednesday: B- cereal and fruit S- pigs in a blanket, mashed potatoes

Thursday: B-baked blueberry oatmeal S- hamburgers, yellow beans, mac n cheese

Friday: B-cereal and fruit S-chili and cornbread

Monday, January 12, 2009

Blueberry Muffins

I made a triple batch of blueberry muffins (a dozen muffins, and 2 loaves) As you can see there are not 12 muffins there, they did not make it into the pic!:-)))

The recipe is from the Betty Crocker Cookbook (looks like an old version) The muffins turn out great, the kids love them, and since my freezer is loaded with blueberries this is great!

Menu Planning

Menu Planning for this week:
(Just planning for breakfasts and suppers, lunch will be soups, sandwiches, muffins, and left-overs) Will need to grocery shop by Friday for food to get me through the weekend.
Here are the muffins I will be making for our snacks this week: blueberry (from our bushes, we froze bags and bags of them), pumpkin, and banana (I may post pics and recipes as I make them)

Breakfast- homemade biscuits with egg, ham, and cheese
supper-Roast, potatoes, and carrots

B-baked puffed pancake (Dutch Baby) recipe from
S-Baked chicken, with mashed potatoes, and yellow beans (from our garden)

B-oatmeal with brown sugar, and bananna muffins
S-ham, corn (very sweet and creamed from the garden), rice with chicken gravy (chicken broth from yesterdays meal)

B-corn meal mush (atleast that is what we call it- cornmeal boiled, then placed in fridge overnight, sliced and fried in butter and covered in syrup) Very healthy!LOL Kids love it, and the calories don't hurt them.
S-Tacos for hubby and 2nd son, frozen pizza for me and 1st son, and for little one we will have to see what he is in the mood for

B-frenchtoast and muffins
S-Pasta with meat sauce and garlic bread

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The beginning

This blog was inspired by the My hope is that by having this blog and keeping track of money spent, food planning, cooking less processed foods that we will not only be healtier but work towards being dept free. I started 3 weeks ago keeping track, and so far here is the tally..1st week $132, second week we spent $52 (yeah! and we ate well too!), third week (I am in it now) so far is going to end around $100. I do have the advantage right now of having a freezer stocked with deer and cow meat as well as stocked cabinets. So once we work through some of the excess I'll get a better idea of how we will really manage! Next week I will start posting pics of my grocery shopping, and a list with the meal planning. I am very excited and would love to read other frugal blogs, if you have one I would love to have a link to your blog. I find reading other frugal and cooking blogs very motivating!