Sunday, January 11, 2009

The beginning

This blog was inspired by the My hope is that by having this blog and keeping track of money spent, food planning, cooking less processed foods that we will not only be healtier but work towards being dept free. I started 3 weeks ago keeping track, and so far here is the tally..1st week $132, second week we spent $52 (yeah! and we ate well too!), third week (I am in it now) so far is going to end around $100. I do have the advantage right now of having a freezer stocked with deer and cow meat as well as stocked cabinets. So once we work through some of the excess I'll get a better idea of how we will really manage! Next week I will start posting pics of my grocery shopping, and a list with the meal planning. I am very excited and would love to read other frugal blogs, if you have one I would love to have a link to your blog. I find reading other frugal and cooking blogs very motivating!

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